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What’s The Best Wifi Router Guard to Protect your Family from EMF?

What’s The Best Wifi Router Guard To Protect Your Family From EMF?

Though you cannot see it, EMF radiation is practically everywhere you go. Short of dressing in a metal mesh suit, there are few ways to avoid it in public places. However, you do have control over how much EMF radiation is emitted in your home. Your wireless router is one of the largest sources of EMF radiation at your dwelling. A way to start reducing it is to purchase an EMF wifi router guard.

What is an WIFI Router Guard?

An EMF, or WiFi, router guard is simply a cover or box to go around your WiFi router to block harmful EMF radiation. These router covers are based upon Faraday technology in which the router is placed in a metal mesh cage. The radio waves emitted from your wireless network are larger than the holes in the mesh, which means they cannot pass through and remain blocked inside the mesh of the cage.

Why you Should use an EMF WiFi Router Guard

The primary reason for using a router cover or router guard is to reduce EMF radiation. Though this radiation has been deemed safe for humans in low doses, the addition of more and more wireless, smart devices in your home mean you are constantly exposed to it. Devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers and gaming consoles are often connected to WiFi, sending and receiving radio frequencies continually.

Over time, health conditions including migraine, tinnitus, fatigue, infertility and even cancer can develop with continual exposure to EMF radiation. It only makes sense that reducing this radiation in your home will help to protect your family from these issues.

Types of Router Covers

You can find these router covers in a variety of sizes and shapes. The common factor is that they are made of a mesh material, which blocks the radio waves. There are box-shaped cages and flexible mesh bags. The biggest factor to consider is the size of your router. You should get an accurate measurement of your router and allow about another inch or more on all sides for your cables.

Best EMF Router Guards

These are some of the top router covers we have found. Read on for our reviews and more information about these EMF-blocking devices.

WiFi Router Guard

This is your standard mesh cage router guard. It measures at 12”Lx 9”Wx 3”H, but does not fit large Xfinity or AT&T U-verse routers. The Faraday technology keeps the radio frequencies inside and away from your family without sacrificing the wireless signal. This cage claims to block up to 90% of the radio waves.

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Faraday Defense Router Shield

This Faraday Defense is a heavy-duty cage that has had accredited attenuation testing completed. It measures 12”Lx 10.25”Wx 3.5”H and can block up to 99.9% of all radio frequency. This cage will limit your wireless signal, so you will need to be in closer proximity for WiFi enabled devices to pick it up.

faraday defense router shield

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SIGNAL TAMER XL RF Shielding Pouch

These fabric mesh pouches are available in sizes 10” x 16” or 20” x 24” and start at around the $50 range. The pouch is designed to slip neatly over your router and can block up to 90% of radio frequency. They do not interfere with your wireless signal and are less bulky than the cage covers.

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Options Beyond Router Covers

If you don’t want to spend the money on a router guard, there are a few other options to help reduce the EMF radiation in your home. Turning off your router at night is one way to limit the amount of radiation your body absorbs. However, with many homes relying on WiFi enabled devices like alarm systems and security cameras, this is not always a possibility.

Another option is to move your wireless router to a less-frequented area of your home. Consider a spare bedroom or formal dining room that are used sparingly. Radiation follows the Inverse Square Law of physics. This law states that by doubling your distance from the device, you will quarter your radiation exposure. It makes sense that the farther you are from the signal, the less radiation your body absorbs.

Hard wiring your home to the internet via ethernet cables is another solution. This is a tedious job if you have lots of devices on your wireless network. However, we outlined instructions to help you go wired in a previous blog for your convenience.

A final, basic solution is to cover your router with something as simple as an inverted plastic bucket. It isn’t technologically savvy whatsoever, but it can reduce some of the EMF radiation emitted from your router.

Wireless Routers and EMF Radiation

Since most of us are simply unwilling to give up our modern conveniences like video streaming, voice activated lights and online video gaming, living without the internet is simply not an option. That’s okay! There are still plenty of ways to reduce EMF radiation from your wireless routers and keep your home safe.

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