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The Best EMF Detectors to Identify Radiation in your Home

The Best EMF Detectors To Identify Radiation In Your Home

In order to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation in your home, you must first know where that radiation is located. The easiest, and safest, way to do this is to take readings with an EMF detection meter and in this article I’m going to tell you about some of the best EMF detectors available. They can help you to find the biggest EMF-emitting culprits in your home. They are also an excellent way to make sure any EMF protection devices like covers and cages are working efficiently.

Purchasing a EMF Meter

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing an EMF meter. First of all, make sure you purchase a meter that measures the correct type of radiation. The three main types of radiation include electromagnetic, electric and radio frequency. Some meters are capable of reading all three, but you can get by with a simple EMF radiation meter.

Second, consider the sensitivity of the meter. On average, EMF meters can find readings as low as 50 to 60Hz. More sensitive meters are available, but are generally more expensive. If you are looking for large EMF-emitting areas of your home, a standard meter will work just fine.

Third, consider the price of the meter. A more expensive meter might be more sensitive, but could be excessive for home use. The price of meters can increase with certain features or depending on the number of types of radiation it can measure.

The Best EMF Detectors

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for in your EMF meter, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites of some of the best EMF detectors available along with our solid EMF detector reviews.

KKmoon EMF Meter Handheld

Best EMF Reader on a Budget

The KK Moon meter is an affordable and efficient model for nearly anyone. It is capable of detecting both electric and magnetic readings as well as the room temperature.  It’s simple to operate with simple one-hand functionality, easy to carry and make field measurements. It also has a sound-light alarm, that comes in very handy; once the test result exceeds the safe value, the tool will alert automatically.

KK Moon EMF Handheld Meter

Made of durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic and operating on three AAA batteries, the KK Moon can detect frequencies between 30 and 300Hz.  This emf detector allows you to measure radiation of high voltage power lines, appliances, electric wires and more.  It can also measure the surroundings temperature with two temperature components (℃ and ℉).  This EMF tester includes two uses, testing the electric field and the magnetic field radiation at the exact same moment, which is a very convenient feature.

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Hinmay Electromagnetic Radiation Dosimeter

Best No-Frills EMF Meter

Slightly less expensive than the KK Moon, the Hinmay Meter can has 4 digit LCD display. It’s a pretty affordable handheld meter made of durable ABS.  It can test both electric field radiation and magnetic field radiation. It can be widely used to check electromagnetic radiation from high-power transmission lines, appliances and electric wires indoor and outdoor.

It is designed for one-handed use, has a large LCD display and runs on three AAA batteries. The range on this unit is between 30 and 300Hz.  This emf radiation detector will also produce an alarm when the test result exceeds the safe value 40mG.  Additionally, it is easy to read as the radiation value will be shown on the clear LCD digital display after processing by management micro-chip.

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Meterk EMF Radiation Detector

Best Mid-Range EMF Detector

Edging in at around $50 is the Meterk Electromagnetic Radiation detector. It, too, operates on three AAA batteries (included) and is optimal for one-handed use.  This EMF Meter can measure magnetic field emission to reach the optimal test outcome. It’s widely utilized to test and find out electromagnetic radiation scenario indoor and outdoor.

Meterk EMF Meter

It has an automatic shut-off switch to conserve battery life after 10 minutes of inactivity. It also offers Data Hold and Max Measurement features so you can keep current readings visible on-screen.  It’s equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can exhibit the radiation worth on the transparent LCD digital display after processing by control micro-chip.

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LATNEX MG300 Magnetic Field Meter

Best Low Frequency EMF Detector

The LATNEX meter can detect EMF radiation from 30 to 300Hz and operates on one 9V battery that can last up to 100 hours.  This EMF meter is used for measuring electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency(ELF) of 30 to 300Hz.

Lantex MG-300

It is capable of measuring the electromagnetic field radiation intensity that is produced from electrical transmission equipment, power lines, air conditioners, refrigerators, computer monitors, video/audio apparatus etc.  It offers both the Hold Data and Max Measurement features and includes a carrying case and boot for protection against falls. This model will run you just under $100.

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Best EMF Range

The LATNEX HF-BG3 costs just under $150 and has a range of 50Hz to 3.5GHz making it the largest range meter on our list. While the other meters use a single-axis sensor, this LATNEX EMF meter has a triple sensor allowing for a larger area of measurement.  The HF-B3G is designed for measuring and monitoring Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field strength, and is capable o microwave oven leakage detection


It operates on a single 9V battery (included) and offers Hold Data, Max Measurement, clock and alarm, and data storage features.  Can be operated by both beginner and advanced users; Novices Must measure µW/cm2, while advanced users can use V/m or µW/m2 as their unit of measurement

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TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

Best Meter for Detecting the Three Radiation Types

This TriField EMF meter can detect all three types of radiation in your home. This makes it ideal for those who are serious about reducing exposure.  The TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 is an AC gaussmeter, AC electrical field meter, and radio power density meter in a single unit, which combines all the features needed for fast, precise measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

Besides standard AC measurement modes, a distinctive frequency weighted mode will correctly scale the magnetic and electric measurements to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field within the human body.  It will cost about $170, which is considerably more than a standard meter. It’s EMF range is from 20mHz to 6GHz and offers triple-axis sensor readings. It is one of the most user-friendly models and operates on a 9V battery (included).

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Choosing the Best EMF Detector for your Home

We hope our reviews have given you insight on choosing the best EMF detector for eliminating EMF pollution in your home. With so many quality EMF meters in a variety of prices, you are certain to find the optimal one to keep your family safe.

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