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The Beginner’s Guide to the Best EMF Protection Clothing

The Beginner’s Guide To The Best EMF Protection Clothing

If you are new to our site, you are probably concerned with finding ways to protect yourself from the seemingly endless amount of EMF radiation we are exposed to daily. In other articles, we’ve discussed ways to reduce EMFs in your home. In this article, we will cover how to directly protect yourself with the best EMF protection clothing.

The Best EMF Protection Clothing

We are jumping right in with our favorite EMF clothing options. Have no fear for we will go into detail later about things to look for when purchasing your EMF clothing. If you are just beginning to build your EMF wardrobe, the following essentials should be first on your list.

Essential EMF-Reduction Clothing

The Details

OURSURE Women’s Briefs

These panties are essential for women who plan to conceive, and made of 100% silver and nylon blend with 60dB shielding up to 3GHz.  This underwear is designed for protection against Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from devices such as cell phones, wireless devices microwave ovens etc.  The material is high-tech lightweight, breathable, comfortable and completely safe on your skin.  The underwear goes through rigorous testing and has a silky feel and offers full front and back coverage following the natural leg curve.

Oursure emf womens briefs

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SYB Boxer Briefs

Similarly, these boxer briefs for men can help reduce EMF radiation to the testes from cell phones carelessly kept in pants pockets.  The SYB Boxer Briefs has been touted as the world’s most protective underwear.  These boxer briefs are a great comfortable way to block up to 99% of EMF radiation coming from wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, and WiFi routers.  These boxer briefs utilizes silver microfiber anti-radiation technology and the EMF shielding fabric that it’s made of covers the entire area, not just the groin area, to provide full EMF protection.

SYB EMF protection boxer briefs

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BlocWave Protection Hoodie

This hoodie is a favorite because it offers both core and head protection. Made of 50% silver fibers, it offers up to 65dB of shielding. BlocWave also makes a variety of t-shirts, leggings and pants with EMF protection.  It’s made from 50% Silver Fibre, 45% Tencel & 5% Modal.

blocwave emf protection hoodie

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Belly Armor T-shirt

This Belly Armor T is a must for every momma-to-be. All Belly Armor garments use their proprietary RadiaShield fabric and machine washable. It is made from silver fibers and blocks 99.9% EMF from 10Mhz to 8GHz.  It is also lightweight and breathable made of cotton and spandex for everyday comfortable wear.

belly tee emf protection

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LeBlok EMF Hat

Protecting your most important organ is simple with this LeBlok hat. Attenuation is at 50dB for up to 1GHz. The lining, made up of 25% silver fibers, covers the entire inside of the cap and underside of the bill.  It has a robust, quality design, and provides extremely high protection, with shielding fabric sewn right into the main cap and the visor.  Also, the button on top is made of plastic instead of the typical metal since metal is conductive.

Leblok RF shielding cap

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How Harmful is EMF Exposure?

EMF, or electromagnetic field, radiation has been shown to cause migraine, tinnitus, nerve pain, dizziness and sleep issues. Even more serious issues that can be linked to EMF exposure include infertility and tumor growth.

What is EMF Protection Clothing?

EMF protection clothing is made with special materials designed to block radiation from reaching your body. The majority of this clothing is made with silver or stainless-steel fibers, but it can also be made from copper, aluminum or nickel. Those who may have nickel allergies should pay extra attention to labels.

There is a large variety of clothing available from different brands. Though designed mainly for functionality, many EMF clothing lines are beginning to incorporate style into their garments. Some of the different items of EMF protection clothing you can find include:

You can find EMF Protection material if you are inclined to make your own clothing. It can easily be cut and sewn to your specifications, giving you some freedom to experiment with your own attire.

How Does EMF Protection Clothing Work?

Metal fibers are interwoven with traditional fibers like cotton, rayon or nylon to form a Faraday cage within the fabric. Faraday cages have proven quite effective at blocking EMF radiation by forming a physical barrier that the radio waves cannot pass through.


The ability to shield radiation is referred to as attenuation and is measured in decibels (dB). Any reputable EMF clothing line will list its attenuation rate in decibels or percentages as well as its protection ranges. For example, a shirt that is rated at 10dB at 20MHz to 8GHz will offer 90% reduction of EMF radiation reaching the body between those frequencies.

If you cannot find information on the attenuation, it is best to avoid purchasing the item. Some manufacturers will use products like nano-silver, or silver ions, instead of silver fibers. These ions can easily be washed away leaving you with a standard garment.

Benefits of EMF Protection Clothing

If you have already taken significant precautions to reduce EMFs in your home like switching back to wired internet, using corded telephones, and painting rooms with EMF-blocking paint, wearing the EMF protection clothing gives you extra layer of protection by blocking your body from residual radiation. Many are made of natural fibers and do not use harmful chemicals or dyes.

If your EMF clothing uses copper fibers, you will enjoy the added benefits of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Likewise, silver fibers help control odor and are also antibacterial.

Downfalls of EMF Protection Clothing

Essentially, your health trumps any potential downfalls there might be with EMF clothing, but we would be remiss if we did not mention the few. You may have noticed that EMF clothing is quite a bit more expensive than regular clothing, and that is due to the extent of materials used in manufacturing it.

You might also find that EMF clothing is not as soft or fitted like cotton. This is simply due to the fibers that are necessary for blocking EMF. Many companies are searching for ways to make these items more comfortable and wearer-friendly.

The fabric is conductive, so it is imperative that you do not put batteries in pockets. You must also not keep EMF-emitting devices between the fabric and your body. The same way the material keeps EMF out, it can hold it inside.

Caring for Your EMF Protection Clothing

Investing in quality EMF-blocking clothing can be expensive so proper care of the clothing is essential. Not only will it keep performing as it should, but it also extends the life of the garment.

Most EMF clothing can be washed in a washing machine like regular clothing, but some require hand-washing. Be sure to read care labels carefully. One major difference is that in order to keep from damaging the metal fibers, you need to use a special detergent like YSHIELD TEXCARE. It contains no petrochemicals, dyes, fragrances, enzymes or complexing agents, all of which can diminish the material’s ability to reduce EMF.

Finally, make sure all EMF protection clothing is left to air-dry rather than put into a dryer. The heat can also have detrimental effects on the EMF-blocking properties.

Final Thoughts on EMF Protection Clothing

EMF protection clothing can be expensive and you need to be certain you are purchasing fabrics that work. Investing in high-quality EMF clothing is a great way to block ambient radiation from reaching you. We hope our tips get your started in the right direction finding yours.

Alan Roberts

What is more important that protecting your family from harm? That is what started me on my mission to share the dangers of EMF with as many people as I can, so that they can be better informed about the ever increasing threat of EMF. Many people are still unaware of the consequences of EMF and I hope I can help enlighten them.

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