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Should you Invest in an EMF Protection Bracelet?

Should You Invest In An EMF Protection Bracelet?

EMF, or electromagnetic field, radiation protection is a necessity for anyone venturing out in our electronic-device dominated world these days. It is especially essential for those who are hypersensitive to the effects of EMF. In this article, we are going to cover EMF protection bracelets and determine whether or not they are worth the investment.  First we are going to talk about the top four emf bracelets on the market right now, then we will delve more into emf bracelets and how they can help protect you against emf radiation.

The Best EMF Protection Bracelets

Here is the quick list of our favorite EMF protection bracelets. We’ve based our findings on both style and functionality. Don’t worry, we are going to go into more detail on what you should look for when purchasing your EMF bracelet along with links later.

EMF Bracelet Descriptions

QUANTHOR EMF Protection Bracelet

The stainless-steel design on this leather-strap bracelet hides a black lava stone and felt pad. The black lava stone can help absorb harmful ambient EMFs while your favorite perfume or oil can be added to the felt pad for aromatherapy.

Quanthor EMF Protection bracelet

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Negative Ion Bracelet

This magnetic bracelet consists of tourmaline, jade and volcanic rock to create negative ions needed to counteract EMFs. It is black with a silicone band for comfort and titanium base to hold the stones and magnets.

Negative ion power bio bracelet

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Karelian Heritage Shungite

This is one of our favorite EMF bracelets because it is made with raw shungite ensuring the stone holds the most EMF absorbing properties in comparison to polished stones. Its simple macramé band gives it subtle style along with EMF protection.

Karelian heritage shungite emf bracelet

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CrystalAge Tourmaline Nugget Bracelet

Another raw stone bracelet, tourmaline is known for neutralizing EMF with its own energy field. This simple bracelet offers tourmaline crystals around the entire band for the most protection.

Crystalage tourmaline nugget emf bracelet

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How Does EMF Radiation Affect Hypersensitive People?

Those who are electromagnetic hypersensitive can feel distinct changes in their bodies when they encounter large concentrations of EMF. Some of these changes include nerve pain, itchiness, headache, dizziness, and trouble sleeping. If this sounds like it could be you, read on for more information on EMF protection bracelets.

How do EMF Protection Bracelets Work?

EMF protection bracelets can work by blocking, absorbing or interfering with radio frequencies. How the bracelet protects you depends entirely on what materials compose it. Some stones have hollow cavities that essentially trap EMF inside them. Others simply act as a barrier, blocking EMF rays from whatever it lies upon. Some stones generate their own energy field and release negative ions that neutralize EMFs. Metals like copper, aluminum and silver are also great at blocking EMFs.

Other technologies claim to boost the body’s own biofield, defined by the National Institute of Health as the massless energy that surrounds all living organisms affecting. In boosting the body’s energy field, it is presumed that you can better fight the effects of EMF.

Do EMF Bracelets Provide Significant Protection

Because of their small size and location on the body, assuming an EMF bracelet can provide extensive protection is not practical. However, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that supports their functionality. Those who may be hypersensitive to EMF usually will feel immediate relief, or experience fewer symptoms in areas that normally cause symptoms.

Since they are generally small, you cannot measure attenuation with a device like an EMF Meter. As noted, the only way to tell if an EMF bracelet is working is the absence of symptoms.

For these reasons, EMF protection bracelets should not be used as your primary way to reduce EMF radiation. Within your home, you can use things like wifi router guards or smart meter covers to protect against larger sources of EMFs.


What Should you Look for in an EMF Protection Bracelet?

Though you cannot measure the actual attenuation offered by these bracelets, those who are hypersensitive to EMFs should find some relief in wearing one. There are a few things to look for when shopping for an EMF bracelet to make sure that is does offer some extent of EMF protection


Quality EMF Blocking Materials

Make sure the bracelet you are purchasing has a description of the materials used in making it. You will want to look for metals like copper, silver, aluminum and stainless-steel and crystals like tourmaline, pyrite, rose quartz, black onyx and shungite. These are some of the best materials to block or absorb EMF radiation. If the bracelet you are eyeing does not have any EMF reducing or blocking materials, its validity may only be for aesthetic pleasure.

Raw Stones

If you read our previous article about EMF Protection Crystals, you are already aware that they work best at reducing EMF in their raw form. You will find many bracelets with polished stones to make them more pleasing to the eye, but raw, or natural crystals, offer the most protection.

Multipurpose EMF Bracelets

Some EMF bracelets play double-duty by utilizing EMF reduction materials along with added benefits. For example, some have felt pads on which you can apply essential oils or perfumes. This type of bracelet lets you enjoy aromatherapy along with EMF attenuation.

Final Thoughts on EMF Protection Bracelets

If you are looking for that extra boost of protection from an EMF bracelet, by all means try one out. Finding a quality bracelet with true EMF reducing materials is fairly easy and inexpensive. When used in conjunction with other EMF protection devices, they can help to reduce symptoms of EMF exposure, especially for hypersensitive people.

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