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Protect Your Home From Smart Meter EMF Radiation

Protect Your Home From Smart Meter EMF Radiation

Gone are the days of the electric company employee knocking on your door to ensure your dog is indoors prior to reading your meter. Most of us hardly realized our power meters were upgraded to a so-called smart meter, and the traveling meter-reader is a thing of the past. With all of the latest technology, a smart meter is convenient for both the electric company and the consumer, but are they safe from EMF radiation?

What is a Smart Meter?

Electricity meters that have been replaced or installed since 2009 are most likely smart meters. A smart meter is equipped with a radio frequency transmitter that allows for two-way communications between the meter and the electric company. The meter uses radio waves, and sometimes WiFi, to send readings to the electric company at least once per day. This eliminates the need for an employee to physically read a home’s meter.

Both the electric company and consumer benefit from smart meters. For example, you can check and better manage your power consumption in real-time. The electric company is immediately notified of any outages and can begin working on restoration before consumers call in. There are also no surprise charges from estimated power bills. However, is all this convenience worth the safety risk (due toEMF radiation) smart meters pose for your family?

Smart Meter EMF and Radiation

The danger in smart meters lies within its wireless communication abilities. These meters use radio frequency, which emits a low-frequency form of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Other items that also emit this type of EMF include cellular phones, microwaves, WiFi routers, and Bluetooth devices.

The smart meter may seem small in comparison to everything else in the home emitting EMFs, but it is a concern for those of us trying to reduce exposure in our homes. With the sheer number of appliances, power cords, and devices pulling from WiFi in our homes, many of us are blanketed in a steady stream of EMF radiation. Scary, right?

EMF Radiation and Health Issues

So, what is the big deal with EMF radiation anyway? We have been told that small doses of low-frequency EMF radiation are safe for humans, but studies have shown that even this “safe” radiation can radically alter human cell growth. The International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC), a division of the World Health Organization (WHO), came to the conclusion that low-frequency EMF radiation is a possible carcinogenic to humans.

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Protecting Yourself from Smart Meter EMF Radiation

Since electric companies own your meter, you are generally not in charge of upgrading or downgrading it. Most of us are likely too adapted to the glorious benefits electricity offers to consider living permanently off-grid. This gives us limited options to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation.

Reducing EMF radiation in other areas of your home can help to minimize overall exposure. For example, turning cell phones and WiFi off at night, using incandescent lightbulbs, and relocating high EMF-emitting devices to areas with less traffic are all good ways to start reducing your exposure.

You can also purchase smart meter EMF protection like a case or cover. A smart meter EMF cover like the one by Smart Meter Guard is a simple solution to a potentially deadly problem. These covers use Faraday technology, enclosing the meters in a mesh metal box or cage to contain most of the EMF within its walls. This same technology can be observed through the transparent window of your microwave in which you’ll find a mesh covering.

Smart meter guard

The Smart Meter Guard will be in the range of about $60. Made of durable stainless-steel, it is ideal for all weather conditions. Installation is a snap, and it can block up to 98% of all EMF emissions.

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Living with Smart Meters

It is time to get out of the dark about EMF radiation and its effects on our health. The usage of smart meters may be out of our control if you enjoy electricity, but you can protect your home from the radiation they emit.

Alan Roberts

What is more important that protecting your family from harm? That is what started me on my mission to share the dangers of EMF with as many people as I can, so that they can be better informed about the ever increasing threat of EMF. Many people are still unaware of the consequences of EMF and I hope I can help enlighten them.

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