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EMF Protection Crystals – Everything You Need to Know

EMF Protection Crystals – Everything You Need To Know

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is literally all around us. If you have been following us for some time, you’ve likely read about various methods to protect your home from this potentially harmful radiation. In this article, we will cover another way to protect yourself from it with EMF protection crystals.

EMF Radiation 101

Before we delve into protection, it is vital you understand the health conditions associated with continual exposure to EMF radiation. EMF radiation is given off by almost all modern electronic devices like Wi-Fi routers, cell phone and Bluetooth devices as well as by things like cell towers, power mains, power lines and even the earth.

This type of radiation is considered non-ionizing, which means that in low doses, it does not have the power to remove electrons from atoms of living tissue. However, studies are showing that even if this is true, other health risks present from exposure to EMF. This study focuses on how EMF exposure correlates to male infertility, but there are many other ways in which EMF radiation affects health.

Some other health issues and indicators of EMF exposure include:

  • Tinnitus
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Nerve pain and tingling
  • Dizziness and vertigo

Why use EMF Protection Crystals?

Crystals can be an inexpensive alternative to pricier EMF protection equipment. You may even find you already have some lying around your home. Crystals come in a variety of sizes, which means you can even wear them as jewelry or carry them in your pocket. Crystals also have an aesthetic appeal, unlike many Faraday cage protection devices, so you won’t mind displaying them in your home.


How do EMF Protection Crystals Work?

The majority of these crystals work by absorbing, blocking and scattering EMF radiation. Shungite is one type of mineral that absorbs and holds EMF radiation within its molecular structure. It has hollow compartments that essentially lock in EMF. This lustrous rock is mostly found in the Karelia Region in Russia.

Tourmaline is a type of crystal that is often referred to as the “electricity stone” due to the fact that it possesses both positive and negative ions. This causes the stone to have its own, small electric field and this field helps to repel and neutralize EMF. This fascinating video shows tourmaline in action.

Stones and crystals that contain iron or copper have stabilizing and grounding effects. These types of stones are best as blocking and scattering EMF and include hematite, pyrite, obsidian, salt and rose quartz. All crystals are best when raw and unpolished, or exactly as they were when they came from the earth.


Where do you Place EMF Protection Crystals?

We already know the main devices in your home that emit EMF radiation. In order to place your crystals in the most precise areas, it is highly recommended that you purchase an EMF Radiation Detector. This allows you to find and correct problem areas in your home.


EMF protection crystals may be placed anywhere there is a need to reduce or block EMF radiation. A large crystal placed near your home Wi-Fi router is one way to reduce overall EMF radiation in your home. Smaller crystals can be worn as jewelry on the body as bracelets, necklace pendants or earrings to offer some protection wherever you go. Other places to consider placing crystals include:

  • Next to computers or laptops
  • Next to cordless phone bases
  • Next to cell phone charging stations
  • On end tables with lamps
  • Next to your TV
  • On your nightstand for added protection while sleeping
  • In coat or jean pockets

The Best EMF Protection Crystals

Black Tourmaline Crystals

Black tourmaline is often cited as one of the best EMF protection crystals out there. You can find it in excess most places in a variety of designs to match any décor. We like this ½ pound set of raw tourmaline because you get multiple crystals to place around your home.

Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Sungite Purification Stones

Though shungite is not technically a crystal, we have included it on our list because of its superb EMF-absorption. This ½ pound back of one to two centimeter stones is raw and untouched from the Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia.

Shungite Stones

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Hematite Raw Crystals

Hematite has grounding and magnetic properties essential in protecting against EMF radiation. Be careful not to place these types of stones too close to computers as the magnetic properties can essentially erase data. Most hematite is polished to a gorgeous sheen, but this one-pound bag of raw stones offers it in its native form.

Hematite Stones from Brazil

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Black Obsidian

Obsidian is actually volcanic glass and appears shiny even when raw. It is a favorite for those who make protection crystals into jewelry because of its grounding properties and shiny, smooth texture. Black obsidian is available in its raw form in this one-pound bag.

Black Obsidian Mine Reiki Healing Crystals

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EMF Protection

We cannot escape EMF radiation, nor can we always use bulky items to protect ourselves from it. This is when EMF protection crystals can play a role in helping to cleanse our homes and lives of radiation. The referenced crystals are a great place for you to begin.


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EMF Crystals

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