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Cordless Phone EMF Radiation: What you Need to Know

Cordless Phone EMF Radiation: What You Need To Know

Even if you deem the cordless phone a relic of near-ancient history, they are still very much in use in offices, hotels and small businesses. If you are still using a cordless phone at home or in your workplace, you need to consider the amount of EMF radiation you are being exposed to. So, exactly how safe is cordless phone emf radiation?

How do Cordless Phones Work?

Cordless phones use DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, technology which allows communications to be delivered to a cordless phone through a base system that is connected to telephone lines. The cordless handset operates on a range of frequencies, and that determines how far away from base you can go and how clear the call will be. In general, higher frequencies offer clearer calls and a longer range.

Cordless Phone EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is emitted from both the base station and the headset when calls are made. Low-frequency microwaves allow calls to be transmitted to the phone. Holding your phone to the side of your head exposes your sensitive brain to this radiation for the duration of the call. This can be especially concerning for folks who spend a great deal of time on these types of phones.

Your Health and EMF Radiation

EMF radiation varies from low-frequency radio waves to high-frequency gamma rays. In between, you’ll find microwaves, ultraviolet waves and X-rays. Cordless phone emf falls within the radio range of microwaves, similar to cellular phones. It has long been thought that low-frequency EMF radiation is safe for humans, however studies like these have begun to show slight increases in EMF exposure over time and the risk of cancer.

Low levels of low-frequency EMF radiation can cause health issues like migraines, nausea, insomnia, tinnitus, infertility and childhood leukemia. Continual exposure to EMF radiation such as we now face with modern amenities like WiFi, cellular phones, Bluetooth devices, and smart appliances, can have a deleterious effect on human cells resulting in mutations and disease.

Reducing Exposure to EMFs from Cordless Phones

There are a few ways you can minimize your exposure to EMF radiation from cordless phones if you cannot escape it completely. Consider using a wired headset and microphone. This will allow you to make calls without being exposed to EMF radiation. Of course, your mobility may be limited to the length of the cord.

AT&T Panasonic Vtech telphone headset

If you do choose the headset route, be sure it is a wired headset and not a Bluetooth headset or ear buds. These can be even more harmful to your health as each headphone can communicate separately, allowing the radio frequencies to pass through your brain in doing so.

Unplugging your phone might not be feasible during the day, but at night or off-peak hours, this can reduce your EMF exposure significantly. Another option is to purchase an Eco-DECT cordless phone. These phones adjust their power and frequencies based upon how far away you are from the base station. So, by keeping relatively close to the base, you can reduce your exposure by up to 80%.

The very best way to avoid EMF radiation from cordless phones is to simply replace it with a corded model. As you can see here, corded phones are quite inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. Since the phone that is placed next to your head is not transmitting itself, you are not exposed to any EMF while talking.

Cordless Phone Radiation and Your Health

It may seem like you’re stepping back in time by switching back to a low emf corded telephone, but these are truly safest way to communicate in today’s EMF-blanketed world. A simple switch can keep your brain safe from the damaging effects of EMF radiation from cordless phones.

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What is more important that protecting your family from harm? That is what started me on my mission to share the dangers of EMF with as many people as I can, so that they can be better informed about the ever increasing threat of EMF. Many people are still unaware of the consequences of EMF and I hope I can help enlighten them.

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