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What’s The Best Safe Baby Monitor For Low EMF Radiation?

What’s The Best Safe Baby Monitor For Low EMF Radiation?

Ask any parent and they will say they only want what is best for their child. However, many of us are unaware of the potential health hazards to our children that are right in our homes. Consider EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that is emitted by all electronic devices including that terribly convenient baby monitor. Keep reading to discover some of the best baby monitors available on the market, so you can find a safe baby monitor that is best for you and your baby.

Baby Monitors and EMF Radiation

Baby monitors use radio frequency just like most other electronic devices. Since radio waves are in the low-frequency range of the EMF spectrum, they have been believed to be harmless to humans. Recent studies are showing that continual exposure to any level of radiation can be detrimental to developing and existing cells in the body. In fact, this chart by PowerWatch indicates that a baby monitor placed a meter from your child will expose him to the same levels of radiation as standing 150 meters from a cellular tower.  This is why it is important to get a low emf baby monitor for the best protection.

How do Baby Monitors Work?

Baby monitors come with a receiver and a transmitter. There are both wired and wireless monitors as well as digital and analog monitors. Analog baby monitors are the oldest type, but they operate on much lower frequencies (35-50mHz) in comparison to their digital counterparts (2400mHz). Analog monitors solely use radio wave to send sound to the receiver.

Digital monitors use Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), a method of transmitting by essentially “hopping” randomly between frequencies until one is secured and there is no interference. They can also use WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities which allow parents to hear or watch their children on the monitor from nearly anywhere. With frequencies reaching up to 2400mHz, digital monitors are often operating on microwave bands increasing the amount of radiation.

Baby monitors that use the internet are most commonly available as wireless monitors. This means that it will use your home’s WiFi system to transmit signals. You can sometimes still find wired baby monitors which use ethernet cables to plug directly into your modem. These produce far less EMF radiation than wireless models.

Get a Safe Baby Monitor to Lessen Your Child’s Exposure to EMF Radiation

If having a safe baby monitor in your home is an absolute must, there are a few ways to make it as safe as possible for your child. First of all, consider purchasing an analog baby monitor (low emf baby monitor). Analog monitors automatically take away much of the EMF radiation you find with digital monitors since they operate on such low frequencies.

Next, it is a good idea to keep the baby monitor as far away from your baby as possible. Since many are battery-operated and cord injury is nonexistent, parents feel safe putting transmitters right next to their sleeping baby. However, even analog monitors in close proximity to baby can be harmful. Try placing the monitor on a desk or dresser across the room instead.

If your monitor requires an internet connection, consider running an ethernet cable into your child’s room and hard-wiring the monitor. Transmission happens through the cable, reducing the amount of radiation your child is exposed to.

Finally, if your monitor simply must be digital and wireless, look for one that offers “eco mode.” This is an automatic feature that essentially keeps the monitor off until noise is detected. This means that there is no transmission happening when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Once your baby begins stirring or crying, the low EMF  baby monitor clicks on and alerts you, reducing radiation exponentially.

The Best Baby Monitors with Low EMF Radiation


Safety 1st Crystal Clear Monitor

This affordable, easy-to-use analog monitor operates at 49mHz, making it one of the safest choices for monitoring your child.

safety 1st clear monitor

The baby’s unit must be plugged into an AC outlet, but the parent’s unit can operate on three AAA batteries. It has two channels so you can minimize interference. It also has a 600-foot operating range.

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VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM221 Digital Audio Monitor using DECT 6.0 digital technologies provides crystal clear transmission, eliminating the annoying white sound you listen to analog screens. The only noises you hear are coming out of your baby. Totally digital transmission removes background noise and prevents interference so that you can rest assured the only sounds that you –and only you–will hear are your infant’s. Be certain that the Baby Unit is turned on.

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

If you’re using the Parent Unit in cordless mode, the battery may be reduced and requires recharging. A complete charge takes 12 hours. Reset the system by disconnecting power from the units, waiting at least one moment, then reconnecting power. Allow time to allow the 2 units to link to one another. Nearby cordless phones or other electronic devices may be interfering with the baby monitor. Separate these devices as far apart as you possibly can. When you turn the nightlight on, if no sound is detected for 15 minutes, the light will turn itself off.

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BabyMoov Premium Care

This BabyMoov monitor operates at 900 mHz for lower emissions. Boasting a maximum range of 3,300 feet, this is the most far-reaching on our list.

BabyMoov Premium Care

It offers two-way speaking so you can calm baby from afar. It also has an LCD screen with the room temperature on display, nightlight, voice activation mode and automatic channel search.

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Baby Monitor, VAVA 720P 5″

The VA-IH006 makes it possible for parents to conveniently track their kid as a result of its discreet look, extended functionality with interchangeable lenses and the remote control unit with monitor.

It delivers crisp and clear real-time Images; VAVA adopts the latest technology and combines it with an industry-leading 5″ screen along with a sharper 720P resolution to display a full color view of your baby’s room in real time.

VAVA 720P 5" Baby Monitor

Tracking your baby has never been easier; VAVA makes monitoring your infant effortless. Voice detection tells you when you baby is crying, whilst the LED’s light up to reveal noise even if audio is muted. What is more, the built-in thermostat monitors the temperature of the nursery.

Easy to Use: Long press the’OK’ button and the camera will automatically pan your baby’s room Zoom: Press to 2X zoom and 4X zoom your infant up close, without disturbing them Two-Way Talk: Navigate to the’Chat’ shortcut to start speaking with your child.  VAVA has included a 4500mAh big battery to improve the track’s battery life.

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Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor

The Philips monitor uses FHSS technology operating at 2,400 mHz. It does offer voice activation which helps to minimize EMF radiation levels.

Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor

It comes with a temperature monitor, lullabies, nightlight, night vision, two-way communications and a 3.5” color screen.

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LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

This wireless baby monitor shows you every moment of your small angle and also keeps communicating with your infant safe and private. It features a Color LCD Display with a 4.3″ Big LCD display with 100% electronic technologies for privacy and security.

LBtech Video Baby Monitor

It  lets you monitor the infant’s tasks in real time without any delay. It is quite simple to operate, just plug and play, No WIFI/Internet/APP setup required.

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Reducing EMF Radiation in Your Home

The best way to ensure your baby isn’t exposed to EMF radiation from his monitor is to simply not use one. Since that may not be possible, learning how to lessen exposure to radiation is key and finding a safe baby monitor is the next best thing to not having one at all. The above monitors are some of the best out there to help reduce EMF radiation in your home.

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